Saturday, November 10, 2012

The (Not Coming-) Out Day Blog

I realized as soon as I chose this title that I should really, really clarify the meaning and intent of this blog thingy.  To be clear, I am not gay.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  I just happen to be straight.  Okay?  Okay.

I am a stay-at-home mom of two beautiful boys and, unlike after my first, I have not gone back to working on my husband's days off after my second maternity leave.  I just have a terrible availability to work around, and I think that I'm probably too exhausted to handle going back to work anyway.  However, there is definitely a benefit to taking a mental baby break, and to doing something somewhat fulfilling or productive... and to letting daddy deal with it...  So, today is the day of the week that I get the hell out of the house.  Hence: "out day."

As to the intent of putting yet another blog on this clogged internet, well, why the hell not?  I'm tired of killing comment threads with my excessively considered opinions.  If you want a quality answer to your half-baked hyperbole, you can get yourself over here and have things spelled out for ya.

Topics shall likely include parent-related stuff (probably to much), social issues (and isn't anything that affects us a "social" issue?), political dissertations (no! we're just getting out of the last electoral ordeal!), scientific stuff (in the form of links to pretty pictures), and (brace yourself...) religion.  Or, a combination thereof.  There may also be poetry.

You have been warned.

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