Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ornaments on the ceiling

There's no place like home
Peppermint Tea
(Waaaaaay too much) Holiday nut mix

My favorite store is closing tomorrow, so I spent today shopping instead of drinking overpriced coffee and blogging for the internet bots. 

In other words, I'm keeping it short tonight.

A few days ago, my step-grandmother, Ann, passed away.  I'm still in processing mode.  One of the strongest connections, I've discovered, is a Christmas tradition.  I remember so strongly, the wonder I felt as a child, when I walked in to their (Ann and her late husband Ed) little apartment in Hollywood and saw no Christmas tree, but the ceiling covered with ornaments.  Complete with candy canes.  And a sprawling land of hand-painted miniatures covering half the walls in the living room.  The ceiling tradition started one Christmas when they couldn't afford a tree, and they kept it up every year after that.  I always eagerly looked forward to our annual holiday visit, and the warmth, and Dr. Demento on the radio...

So, as I took our little tree down this year, I decided I'd take one of the ornaments - a heart with copper wire - and I'd keep it up this year... high up on the wall, since we're not allowed to punch holes in the ceiling here.  And there it will stay through the year, through next Christmas, as Ann and Ed stay in my heart.

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