Monday, December 29, 2014

The Santa Gift and my armpit hair...

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A few thoughts before the end of the year...

Book stuff is coming right along.  I have just over 100,000 words.  It's crazy.  I hope to have actual copies in hand when we head down to SoCal in March.  Hold me to that!  It also means that I will continue to be scarce.  I still have tons to say, and I still will from time to time, but for the sake of publishing an actual hold-in-your-hand book, I have to shut up sometime.

Second, I stopped shaving about a month ago.  It was weird at first since I associate stubble with not having gotten a shower recently.  I got over that really fast, though.  This is the first time I have ever let my body hair fully grow out, and it just feels completely normal and not the least bit unattractive.  Of myself and my husband, however, I am the only one who feels like this.  He's dealing with it with very little commenting, though, and, since I know some of you are wondering, it has not been a roadblock to intimacy.

Others of you are wondering why the hell I am sharing this.  Moving on...

I shared this little bit on my Facebook wall, earlier this month...

Quick thought on handling Santa stories...

They're still young to understand it all, but we are not telling the boys that Santa is real. We are saying that there was a real person who lived a long time ago who was very kind and who did give little gifts to the children where he lived. And we do give them one "Santa Gift" at Christmas to remember that kind spirit of giving. We explain that the stories they hear are just fun stories people tell to celebrate, and the Santa they meet in the mall every year is another person that is helping people celebrate the season. We are also explaining that some people will still tell them that Santa is real, and that a lot of kids would be very sad to hear otherwise. Just because some grownups get carried away with the stories, that doesn't mean we should go around making kids cry by telling them Santa isn't real - that would go against the spirit of kindness. So we just "make room" for people to believe how they want to believe.

We'll get into the Jesus (and Mithras) stuff later.

I'm thinking of trying to convert this idea into some kind of childrens book.  Know any good illustrators?

Also regarding Christmas, this year I went out to see Into the Woods on Christmas Day.  I try not to abuse the privilege of the theatres being open on Christmas, but I had to make use of it this year as an offered public service.  Mommy was done and needed to get the hell out of there for the good of the whole family.  It did what I needed it to do.  I got out of my head for a little while, and came back calmer and more able to deal with the Christmas Night chaos.

So, before I close this out, my New Year's wish for all of you is the same as ever: just a little peace and love and understanding.

And damn fine coffee.

Happy holidays and every days.  Good night!

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