Sunday, January 27, 2013


Here are some haiku to make up for my last overly long post...

The dark stranger will
reveal you are liked and have
no luck with numbers.

Red numbers condemn
my dereliction of sleep:
disapproving glow.

You're a hurricane,
and woe to the butterflies
that fly in your path.

An autopsy of
your heart while it's still beating:
admission for fame.

Counting down the foam
strata marking my hours:
I've lingered too long.

-- Now what are your guesses for the object or inspiration for each of these bad haiku...?  I'm curious how other people interpret these out of context.  I would think they're, generally, pretty easy, but who knows?

And a couple bonus ones...

Failure is shitty;
fertilizer for success,
just don't sit in it.

"Battle Cry of the Ramenista"
We cry to the moon
fight songs of the underpaid:
Howl if ya hear me!

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