Friday, February 1, 2013

Toilet Coffee, Suspenders, and Hypnotic Henry.

Sleepytime tea
Ramen (Oriental flavor) and night-night pills

Three things: Toilet Coffee, Suspenders, and Hypnotic Henry.

1.  No, this is not a euphemism for something else.  A while ago, a friend suggested using coffee grounds as an air freshener/odor absorber.  So we put a little tupperware cup with coffee grounds on the back of the toilet (we have the diaper changer in the bathroom, as well...).  Then I got the brilliant idea to make it into a little zen garden instead.

Unfortunately, I didn't really think through my temporary instant coffee grounds idea.  Instant coffee likes water.  Where is there a lot of moisture?  Yep.  So after scraping the half-dissolved coffee into the trash next to the toilet, I refilled the zen garden with some lovely holiday coffee (on clearance, of course, because I'm not going to drop organic Kenya AA money on bathroom coffee).  As you might have guessed, during this process some instant coffee grounds got into the bowl of the toilet and... ta-da!  Toilet coffee.

2.  I have taken to wearing suspenders around the house.  I have a deviant body shape, and because I am a cheap bastard (as evidenced above) I will not shell out the money (and equally spare time) to get my pants properly fitted.  But wearing a belt actually hurts my hips and overall posture.  The suspenders relieve the pressure on my hips but the downside is twofold: they are made for men and, thus, the support is not perfect, and also availability and wearibility are limited for women.  So if anyone can score me some more lady-friendly suspenders... drop me a line...

3.  Yesterday, Henry took a piece off the ladder of his toy firetruck (I say "off" as if it has ever stayed "on") and swung it pendulum-like in front of my face while repeating, "cwose eyes, cwose eyes..."  I have no idea where he learned how to "hypnotize" people.  (Who's supervising this kid, anyway?).  I did, of course, cwose my eyes.  :)

Real blogs will resume this weekend.  Maybe.

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  1. I literally laughed out loud about the toilet coffee. I'd like to try that, but I have a cat who eats everything and coffee is like poison to cats. Cest la vive.